Multi Band 900-1800, 2100-2300 Mhz. Mobile Signal Booster

Works On All Generation 2G, 3G and 4G

1 Year Warranty



Mobile Phone Signal Booster
Best Mobile Phone Signal Booster In Delhi, India

 Model No


Parameter data



Frequency Range

890-915 Mhz.

900-1800 MHZ


Output Power 

20 ±2dBm

20 ±2dBm


65 dB



Wide Band

Automatic Gain Control


Ripple in Band


Intermodulation Products


36 dBm


30 dBm

Spurious Emission


36 dBm


30 dBm

Noise Figure @ max. gain

6 dB




>50000 hours

Power Supply

AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:12V 2A

Power Consumption

< 20W


50 ohm

Mechanical Specification

RF Connector



Heatsink Convection cooling

Dimensions (D x W xH )

198*182*20 mm



Installation Type

Wall Installation

Environment Conditions



< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 55°C


Review of Signal Booster:
In the modern world, we can’t imagine our life without mobile phone signals. Imagine, if your Smartphone has not a single bar? I know this is the disgusting situation for you but you don’t have any option except waiting for the cellular coverage. Here we come with the robust solution for weak cellular coverage in your Smartphone and Network Devices. The solution for the weak signal is known as the Signal Booster in India. We are sure that after installing the signal booster for the home you will never face the problem of call drop and slow internet. You can buy online Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home in India from us an affordable price.

About: Cell Phone Signal Booster
Mobile Phone Signals are the important part of your life because you can’t able to make calls and browse on the Internet without the Internet. Therefore getting good cellular coverage at any place is the important aspect for the users. Cell Phone Signal Booster in India is the network strength improving device which is working on the weak cell phone reception. You can’t imagine a single day without Smartphone and in the modern world; almost all devices are running on the principle of the Internet. Therefore the importance of the Internet is can’t avoid by us in our personal and professional life. This time you don’t have a need to face more call drops and you can simply get the good cellular coverage in your network devices such as Mobile phone, computer, laptop or Tablet.

What is Mobile Phone Signal Booster?
Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the cell phone signal improving device which can easily improve the weak cell phone reception. This is the one and the only solution for the users to avoid the problem of a bad network. Many times there are so many obstructions are available for getting the good cellular coverage. If you are thinking that only village, hilly or mountain areas are facing the bad reception problem then you are wrong because there are so many places in the metro city also where the mobile phone coverage is not good. The building material is also affecting the cellular signal strength and if the material of the building is designed with the hard substances then you may also face the signal obstruction. Therefore, you can buy the mobile phone booster for the building.

How Signal Booster Works?
Mobile Phone Signal Booster is working with the advanced technology and latest technique. The device comes with the complete mobile signal booster kit and this kit has four basic components. The outdoor antenna is one of the important parts in the cell phone signal extender kit and this component is responsible for catching the weak cell phone signal strength from the base station. Always remember one thing, which signal booster is not producing their own signals and it is the existing cell phone signal strength improving the device. After catching the rays of signals from the base station the device will send the weak signals to the network extender. The next working process is taking place to the signal amplifier and this device is responsible for improving the weak cellular coverage at the base station. When the signals will be boosted the last step is going to the indoor antenna which is responsible for transmitting the boosted cellular coverage in the overall area. The signals are catching by the outdoor antenna from the nearest base station.

The advantage of Cellular Signal Amplifier:
Avoid Call Drops: No more Call Drops! Yes, this is right and you can take your calls without facing the problem of call drops. There are so many times when you are traveling to the hilly or mountain area and that’s why you are not receiving the good cellular coverage in your car. The solution to this problem is a signal booster for the car and you can easily install the network booster in the car to avoid the call drop problem. On the other hand, if your home is situated at the far distance of the base station then you can also install the mobile booster to avoid the problem of call drops.

Fast Browsing: In the modern world, our youth is so much fascination with the internet and social media platform. You can’t able to chat on the social media accounts and browse easily if the mobile phone reception is not good. Therefore we can say that with the installation of a network booster for home or office you can browse fast on the Internet:

Support Every Network: If you are thinking that signal booster device has the limited functions and jot support with all network then you are wrong because mobile phone signal booster for Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Uninor, Idea, or other networks are the feature of this device. the signal booster is working with all company networks.

Features of Cell Phone Repeater: When we talk on the Cell Phone Signal Booster Features we can say that it is the most powerful and robust equipment for the people through which they can easily remove the situation of bad cell phone networks. Everyone wants to talk on the phone with hassle-free calling and browse on the Internet with the fast networks.

Coverage Area: The Cell Phone Signal Booster Device is able to cover the 1300 Square Feet Area. This is the vast coverage of the mobile phone signal booster and in this area, maximum numbers of users can easily use their network device with good cellular coverage.

High Mobility: The high mobility of the Signal Booster is giving the ability to the users that they can install this device with an easy way at any place. The size of the cell phone signal boosting device is not very big and everyone can easily place this device without the tension of the covering the area.

Advanced Features: Our Cell Phone Network Improving Device comes with the advanced features and that’s why our clients are always happy with our network booster benefits. The user manual of the product is also explaining the features of the cell phone booster.

Why We Need Mobile Phone Signal Booster?
Well, there are so many reasons for the requirement of the mobile phone signal booster device. There are so many places where you need the cell phone signal strength improving device such as basement, rural or remote area, hill station, mountain area, building, boat, hotel, hostel, college, company, office, warehouse, hotels, vehicle etc.

• Network Strength Improving Device: You can easily improve the network strength with the installation of this device. This is the best cell phone signal strength improving the device for the clients. The main aim of the device is improving the network strength and gives the hassle-free use of Smartphone.

• Working At All Places: If you are thinking that cellular signal amplifier is only working in the city area then you are wrong because the signal booster is working at all places such as rural or village is. Therefore you can also buy an online signal booster for a rural area,

• Increase Cell Phone Signal Bars: There are so many places also where cell phone signal strength is available in the good form and that’s why people are not able to browse on the internet and their messages are not sent to other people due to bad network connectivity. If you are life in the basement area or your office space in the basement area and you are facing the problem of weak cell phone signals then you can also increase the cell phone signal bras with the signal booster for the basement.

Component of Signal Booster:
The Signal Booster Device comes with the complete Cellular Signal Booster Kit and this kit has four basic components such as Indoor & outdoor Antenna, Signal Amplifier, and Wires & Cables. All are important for the installation of cell phone repeater. We have also specified the detail of each component here.

Outdoor Antenna: This is the external part of the mobile phone signal booster kit and the outdoor antenna is mainly placed outside of the home. Suppose if you are installing the signal booster in the home, then this will placed at the roof of the home and this antenna is catching the weak cellular signals from the base station.

Indoor Antenna: Indoor Antenna in the Cell Phone Signal Booster is the important component of the kit and this antenna is placed inside the home. The antenna is sending the boosted cellular signal to the coverage area.

Signal Amplifier: Signal Amplifier is working as the mediator between the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna. Signal Amplifier is catching the weak cell phone signals from the outdoor antenna and amplified for giving the good cellular coverage at the place.

Wires & Cables: Wires and cables are also the important aspects to complete the of cell phone signal booster in India. We are also provided the required cable and wire to the clients for completing the task of installation.

Why You Choose Us?
Trusted Brand: It is the common question asked by clients that why we choose our platform for buying Signal Booster in India. Well, there are so many reasons for choosing us and one of the common is trusted brand in the market. We are trusted supplier and dealer of Cell Phone Signal Booster in Delhi India. Our brand name is a remarkable identity in the overall market.

Best Quality Signal Booster: The quality of the signal booster is premium and you will never face the issue in the signal booster device because the quality is so much high and that’s why you will never face the technical issue in the signal booster kit.

Affordability: The signal Booster in Delhi is available in the affordable price and you can buy an online signal booster for Boats, Building, Colleges, Hotels, Hostel, and Business. Office, Company, Warehouse, Vehicles, Remote areas, Hospitals, Ambulance, Home, Basement, Rural Area, Village or any other place where you want.

Warranty: Our Signal Booster in India comes with the one-year warranty and if you face any type of issue in your device then you can call us for solving the issue.

What Your Get in Mobile Signal Booster Kit?
• Unit of Cell Phone Signal Booster
• External Antenna
• Internal Antenna
• 1 Power Supply
• Installation Cable for Antenna to Booster

Installation of Cell Phone Signal Booster:
• The installation of Mobile Signal Booster is completed by our executive and you don’t have a need to install the cell phone booster kit by yourself.
• You can also use the Smartphone to test the mobile phone signal coverage outside the home or on the roof.
• -70dBm is the basic necessity of cell phone coverage.
• Both Indoor and Outdoor Antenna are important o get the good cellular coverage
• Install outdoor coaxial cable into building a convenient location to connect with a cellular repeater.
• Now mount your indoor antenna with cellular signal extender.
• Power UP Signal Repeater Device to check the signal inside, moving external antenna until you get satisfied signal.

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